Sherwood Management Group
Sherwood Management Group
Buying Agility™
Since introducing Sherwood Management Group’s Buying Agility process in 1990, SMG has generated well over $500 million in direct hard dollar cost savings for its clients. SMG clients represent a broad spectrum of companies including manufacturing, public utilities, banks and insurance firms, legal firms, educational institutions, distributors, retail and service businesses.
Buying Agility works with virtually all sourcing categories for direct and indirect spend; as well as for capital expenditures and outsourcing agreements.
Sherwood can show you where to find savings, how to actually GET those savings and where to leave well enough alone – SMG services will provide CERTAINTY that your pricing is as good as possible for the goods and services you buy.

Buying Agility also fits well as a primary strategy when your firm is pricing new business or fighting to retain customers under pricing pressure. Here, SMG can eliminate the UNCERTANTITY about the need for discounting.

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“Buying and Selling Without Negotiating™”